Yogo Glory Centre Academy

In 2008 we began in a small mud hut that doubled as a church on Sundays and a school throughout the week.   With 30 apprehensive students, 2 faith filled teachers and one fabulous cook, we launched our small beginnings of a school.
Today in 2018, that same school now has 6 permanent buildings on three compounds and growing.  We have 298 committed students, 13 dedicated and gifted teachers, three outstanding cooks in addition to 10 trusted staff members.

We are thrilled to report that this year, Yogo Glory Centre Academy is now a complete Primary School, reaching to class 8.  Since qualifying in 2014 with focused vision and committed efforts from students and teachers alike, Yogo Glory Centre boasts of a three year track record for first place position in Mwer zonal exams, competing against 22 other schools in the region.


This year as our class eight competed for the first time across the County of Siaya, we took first place beating 44 other schools!  We are so proud of all of them!!
Yogo Glory Centre Academy is nestled in the village of Alego, Kalkada in the heart of Siaya County.

Our School Motto:
No gain without pain; planting the mustard seed.

Our Mission:
To plant the seed of hope in children for a brighter tomorrow through holistic education program.

Our school vision:
To be the bridge that joins a child’s dream to reality.

Our core values:
Christ based biblical foundation, Integrity, team work, hard work, excellence, morality.

Our school has a conducive learning environment for both academic and co-curriculum activities.  We provide two meals a day and currently adhere to the 844 Curriculum in alignment with the Nation Standard.