Here are some videos for you to enjoy.  I have categorized them for convenience.  I hope you enjoy!

Christ Glory Centre Ministry (CGC)

Some traditional worship

Silas preaching

A powerful time at the close of our Annual Women’s meeting in April of 2019.

Some awesome worship through dance


Mission Teams

Baptizing in the waters of Tanzania.

At a home fellowship with guests celebrating baby Kimberly.


Our farms

A tour of farm B in Yogo.

Working the land.


Yogo Glory Centre Academy

A most inspiring poem written by one of our parents and presented by her daughter, Blessing at one of our graduation ceremonies.  It is a favorite of mine.

Greeting our YFT team Yogo style.


Seje Glory Centre Academy

Dance presentation from our Seje Glory Centre Team.

Greeting our guests, Seje Glory Centre Academy style.

Bring your muscle we are making Ugali for the school.

A fun game of tug of war at recess.