Seje Glory Centre Academy


In 2011 we began our very humble start in a simple mud hut with 30 shy students, one brave teacher and a great cook.  Despite the rocky start, now in 2019 we have 3 beautiful permanent buildings on one large compound, 165 bright students, 11 dedicated teachers, two fabulous cooks and 8 faithful staff members.








Seje Glory Centre Academy currently extends to class 7, as we continue to grow a grade each year.  Our students are working exceptionally hard and in 2016 & 2017 they have place number one in the zonal exams, competing against 24 other schools.

This year our class seven students competed in the joint exams.  We are excited to report that Yogo Glory Centre Academy took first place and Seje Glory Centre Academy took second place, amongst the 30 schools competing!  It was an exceptional year to rejoice together!


We are so proud of the extraordinary efforts our entire faculty and students are making!

As a learning institution we expose our children to many diverse experiences to encourage them to dream big.  Each year we carefully plan both educational and fun filled, engaging field trips.  We also celebrate our Pre-Unit graduates each year with a special ceremony, toting gowns and caps to commemorate this special achievement.

Many students entering the school system have no language development in English and some have no Swahili skills either.  So graduating into class one where they must have a solid foundation in both languages is a monumental accomplishment that we believe in celebrating.  This also gives the children a taste of what it will be like when they graduate into Secondary School, putting a tangible beacon before them to reach towards.

Due to the diversity of projects we are involved in, this also exposes our students with opportunities to interact with guests from many nations.  Our unique sponsorship program also promotes diverse and multicultural relationships and developments as we share and learn together.


Through our CBO, working together with partners, government officials and Kenya power, we have been instrumental in bringing electricity into Seje village with the main transformer located on our school compound.  Therefore our school has electricity in each unit.

Also through our CBO and generous partners, we have brought certified, clean drinking water to our school and much of the Seje Community.  This project continues to expand and now has clean drinking water accessible to six other water stations throughout the region. We are planning that in the near future, this water extension will include the ability to irrigates some of our farms in Seje to help us with some much needed food security.


We are happy to announce that Seje Glory Centre Academy currently has an active transportation program, giving students who live farther away an alternative to walking.  Also since it’s inception we have continued with our feeding program, providing all our students with two meals a day to encourage them to thrive and grow.  To find our more about the feeding program, please visit our ”Yogo Farms” under our Agriculture page.


Seje Glory Centre Academy is nestled in the village of Ndori, Seje in the heart of Siaya County.


Our school motto:
No gain without pain; planting the mustard seed.

Our mission:
To plant the seed of hope in children for a brighter tomorrow through a holistic education program.

Our school vision:
To be the bridge that joins a child’s dream to reality.

Our core values:
Christ based biblical foundation, integrity, team work, hard work, excellence, morality.

Our school has a conducive learning environment for both academic and co-curriculum activities.  We provide two meals a day and currently adhere to the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) as we phase out the 844 Curriculum in alignment with the Nation Standard.