We began to develop our farms in Seje much the same way we did Yogo, shortly after launching our school, Seje Glory Centre Academy in 2011. Recognizing the extreme poverty in the region and how paramount a feeding program is in order for these children to thrive, the farms became an integral part of that equation.


Due to the lack of water available in the region, maintaining consistent results has been most difficult. However the community of Seje are very committed and continue to plow and sow in hope as we look for more viable solutions. Our farms continue to contribute towards the feeding program of our school children.

Seje is very rocky and thorny making it quite problematic for tilling. It is an arduous job that requires much fortitude and strength but our Seje community is up for the task. They usually use cattle to plow the land initially, then work it by hand a couple of times before they ever think of dropping a seed. We mostly grow corn, sorghum, beans, tomatoes and bananas.


Much like Yogo, some of our selected school families that can’t afford fees, qualify for alternative assistance, as a parent or guardian commit to working our farms one day a week in exchange for their child attending school. This encourages parents to take ownership and responsibility for their child’s school needs and develops commitment to community based efforts formed through our CBO.