My husband and I began with our school, Yogo Glory Centre Academy, in 2008, formerly called Yogo VOSH Academy.  Through the generosity of family and friends we started our school with just 30 pupils. Shortly after starting our partnerships began to grow as word of mouth spread and God began touching hearts to join us.

Ambassador Ministry In Covenant (AMIC) located on the outskirts of Ottawa, in Russel, Canada, soon joined us shortly after inception.  They predominately have helped and continue to assist with the school info-structure and sponsorship of needy school children on the farm program at Yogo Glory Centre Academy.  They have transformed the health of people by assisting in bringing clean drinking water into the Yogo region and continue to have mission team’s visit and serve together with us. They have also done a number of community based activities to uplift lives. They have been a tremendous anchor of support, throughout the years through prayer, love, generous giving, mentor ship, fellowship and friendship.

Youfeedthem (YFT) was formed as a team of friends came together (Roland & Theresa Poirier, Lynn Fraser and Silas and I but soon after we expanded with several additional members.  Trinity Bible Church of Ottawa began working together with YFT and our initiatives in Kenya in 2008.  Our hearts were burdened to impact the world hunger needs, starting in Silas’s very own village of Yogo.  It soon became evident that self-sustainable and duplicateable farming would play an instrumental role creating a symbiotic relationship to our schools.  Roland was key in developing the farm program to assist destitute families in the region.  He created an alternative payment for such families, so they could still take their children to our school.  Roland and Theresa’s fervency and single minded, heartfelt dedication to the vision that none should go hungry, has inspired many.  We are grateful for their love, friendship, generosity, creativity and dedication to the purposes of God.  As time evolved the main team has changed significantly but the heart and integrity of the organization has remained firm at the lead of Roland and Theresa Poirier.

In 2013 we underwent a lot of transition and growth requiring more support as our administrative needs grew.  So began our partnership with Hungry for Life.  (HFL)  Hungry for Life is an international organization with years of experience, spanning many continents.  They envision a vibrant church actively expressing the love and compassion of Christ in practical and spiritual ways, to a hurting and broken world.  They have been a tremendous source of support, linking people with hearts to partner with us in practical ways on the ground, aligned with our vision, coupled with great integrity and accountability.  The relationships cultivated through them have often developed into a greater sense of extended family through the love of Christ.  We count it a privilege to labor with them in our Father’s Vineyard.

In 2012 at the launching of Christ Glory Centre Ministry it became evident to our personal family that the incredible growth that was happening both in the projects and ministry, no longer afforded us the opportunity to continue with our private business.  There simply were not enough hours in a day.  Not wanting to deviate from the purposes of God we needed an alternative provision for our family that would allow us both to commit wholeheartedly to the ministry and projects.  Great Commission Foundation became the next stepping stone for our family, as we fundraise through them for sponsorship to sustain us while we worked unhindered, serving in Kenya.  Through The Great Commission Foundation we are able to provide tax receipts for any financial gift over $50.00 made from Canadian or US citizens through their affiliate organization, Friends of the Great Commission.  They help us provide accountability to our sponsors by providing administrative and accounting expertise that aligns with CRA regulations.  We are grateful for this valuable partnership and their commitment to the great commission.

Peace Tower Church is our home Church in Canada.  They have been a source of strength, Godly council, prayer and generous giving.  Without this anchor in our lives it would have been very hard to do what we do.  Their commitment to our family and unwavering support of our initiatives to the missionary work we do in Kenya are a tremendous encouragement to our hearts and lives.  We are so grateful for the unfailing love of Christ that they demonstrate in so many practical ways in our lives

A special thanks to all our family, friends and partners!

Honoring our partners would not be compete without the opportunity to thank all our individual partners, whether singles or families.  With much kindness and love many people have sown generously into our lives and all the projects that we do here.  None of this work could be accomplished without their sacrifice and dedication to stand with us.  We are so grateful!  May God bless you and your families abundantly!