Mission teams are very much an integral part of the work we do in Kenya.  As we host teams who work along-side of us, on the ground, aligning with our vision and empowered by the Spirit of God, we see dramatic transformation take place.  We continually witness a beautiful Divine exchange that happens.   As our North American friends come to assist, through sowing financially and serving in practical relevant ways in these impoverished communities they receive a very rich spiritual deposit that is imparted through witnessing the fire, commitment, and selfless love of Christ, evident in the lives of new Kenyan family.



Many returned back to North America with fresh fire burning in their bellies and a deep sense of purpose in their lives.  It often marks a time of God sifting their hearts, helping them to fully align with His purposes and to prioritize and recognize what is of real value in their lives.  Often a beautiful and profound transformation takes place in each life on both continents.