The Oduor Family

My husband, Silas and I together with our son, Ephraim serve as missionaries in Kenya.  Many people and organizations have reported that we have remarkable, sustainable growth within our projects that is not commonly seen, working in a third world country.  We believe that God has uniquely woven a tapestry of passionate people with united vision, dedication, fortitude and commitment.  Combined with a unique blending of our cultures, my husband being Kenyan and myself being Canadian, it has afforded us the opportunity to have trusted instrumental people on the ground, both in Kenya and Canada.   This not only creates accelerated, explosive growth but lays a solid foundation for tremendous reliable longevity and we are excited about what the future holds!


As a family, the work has become more than a full time responsibility, with two thriving schools, four well managed farming sites and our flourishing Church of 9 branches in remote regions in Kenya.  We also have several water stations, providing clean drinking water to the surrounding communities that we serve in with a number of other projects as well.

We do not draw any income from any areas of the projects so financial gifts to support our family creates stability that enables both of us to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly towards the projects and ministry work that continues to expand.  Through The Great Commission Foundation who are registered with CRA, any gift over $50.00 from Canada or the US are tax receipted at the end of the year. To give to the Oduor Family