Our schools are birthed out of a dream to see impoverished communities transformed, lives uplifted and impacted through lasting change.  Although the dream is big, the start was small.

Soon after starting in 2008 we quickly recognized that in order for these children to thrive we needed to initiate a feeding program.  Many of these children came to school hungry, with their parent’s inability to feed them.  Through the liberal gift of a friend we launched our feeding program, providing two meals a day for all our students.

In order to sustain the feeding program throughout the schools growth, we began a farming project, through the generous initiative, guidance, and expertise of Youfeedthem.  This created a symbiotic relationship between our farms and our school.  If a parent couldn’t afford to pay fees they could enroll their child through our farm program, committing to one day a week of work on our farms in exchange for quality education for their child.

Much of the produce from our farms feeds our school children with a large portion sold to maintain and expand the farm.  A small portion, when available is donated to the neediest within the community, including elderly, widows, and orphans.

With the great success of our first school in Yogo, it inspired a mission team from Stittsiville Bible Church to partner with us in order to duplicate our efforts in the community of Seje, with the opening of our second school, Seje Gory Centre Academy, in 2011.

Due to the way our growth progressed through our schools, church, and community initiatives, we have many individuals, churches and organizations that have joined us on this incredible journey over the years.  We couldn’t have done any of this without them.  Through the years we have formed many bonds and a large majority of those who have been instrumental from the start are still laboring together with us.  To hear more about some of these great friends and partners please visit our “Partners” page.  We are so grateful for each and every one of them!