Our Kenyan communities have been significantly, adversely affected by Covid-19.  The average Kenyan family puts food on their table at night through wages earned throughout their day.  With the partial lock down which has already closed non- essential services, that means the average Kenyan family has no daily income in which to purchase food.  Those that live on subsistence farming have not been exempted from the suffering, with inconsistent rains and even locust ravaging some farms.  Hunger has infiltrated many lives and the numbers are increasing exponentially.

This doesn’t even address the many growing medical needs.  The Kenyan government recently reported that there are not enough masks to protect our front line medical workers, confronting the pandemic.  Many Counties in Kenya are ill equipped to handle the virus in their hospitals.  Most don’t even host ICU facilities, with even fewer ventilators and basic equipment, including something as simple and as practical as protective gowns are scarce.

Combined with the lack of National funds, shortage of man power and little to no social services in place to help Kenyans, the most vulnerable in these communities face a bleak future, but there is hope.  The light of Christ is beginning to shine as His love is being witnessed in tangible, practical ways.


Through the grace of God, Hungry for Life and the generosity of some partners we have begun to bring some relief and hope to the most vulnerable within our communities.  We have put together relief packages that include: Bar soap, salt, sugar, Ugali (A staple in the Kenyan diet) and oil for cooking.  We have managed to serve 230 families so far but the need far out-weighs our capacity.  Be a part of the solution that God is sending, and join our efforts now!


We need your help to sow hope and send relief to feed these precious families.  We are grateful for your financial support that could radically help save lives.  Our current goal is $30,000 CAN which is about 2,250,000 KSH.

If you are giving from Canada, just one click on the link below and your donation can be a part of the solution.  Please read the following instructions before clicking.

Under the Designation box, select “Development Project”.

Under the Project box, select “Kenya:  Seje Village”.

In the short project note box, please write, “Relief”

then complete the form according to your desired gift.

Please note that 100% of your donation goes exactly for relief, as HFL’s 100% model, boasts.

If you are giving from Kenya, you can send funds through Mpesa to our Church Secretary, Maggie Oduor at 0715473263  .  Please be sure to message us that you are designating your gift for Relief.

More than ever, we also need your prayers.  Here are a few things you can be agreeing with us in prayer for.

  1. For protection and covering upon our family, near and far.  Especially as we continue to minister and serve our communities in Kenya.
  2. For wisdom and discernment in all we do, being led by the Spirit of God.
  3. To steward well, everyone and everything God entrusts into our hands.
  4. For creative ideas to implement in order to help with provision for our family and others during these challenging times.
  5. For God’s covering and supernatural intervention upon Kenya

Thank you for your compassionate heart to help.

May God bless you and keep you!

In the precious love of Christ,

The Oduor family

Serving in Kenya