For the holistic ownership of the projects the CBOs were formed to amalgamate the Church and community at large to work in unity towards a common societal development agenda. The committees driving the project therefore derives its membership from the CGC Church and other non-members of the church within the community. The CBO has different development agendas, ie the school, the farm, the water, the electricity and health and welfare projects. All these are developed by subcommittees that all report to the over-arching main executive committee of the CBO.
In each community that we work in we champion the formation of a working CBO, hence the birth of Yogo Community Based Organization in the Yogo community and the founding of God’s Grace Community Based Organization within the Seje community.

Yogo Projects

Clean drinking water
Partnered together with AMIC and some generous individuals we were able to bring clean drinking water into Yogo Village. Remarkably we drilled to find a very large water table of cubit meters per minute in 2009. Our water was certified clean for drinking and was fully cased to prevent contamination. The water serves much of the surrounding community not only for drinking, washing and bathing but also irrigates a large portion of our farms. We have a large water drum that is able to hold a capacity of litres. The water drum is located on farm B but once pumped into the drum, gravity propels the water to three separate locations. One on our family homestead, one at Yogo Glory Centre Academy School and the other on Yogo farm A.


Through ongoing partnerships we were able to be an instrumental in establishing electricity into the village of Yogo. Through our Yogo CBO we applied for a program the government of Kenya introduced to bring electrification into rural regions. We worked in tandem with government and in 20 electricity was up and running. This initiative has greatly affected the general population in the region, helping to simplify and uplift their lives as power became readily available. This also aided in more development in the region as small local businesses were founded.


During a visit from one of our mission teams, Ryan Dekker, young man from Canada really inspired our youth. What started out as a simple time of sharing their love for soccer, deepening friendships, and playing some hard ball, ripened into hearts opening up, sharing about their dreams for their future. Ryan encouraged them to work together and begin taking some concrete steps towards their dreams as he cultivated some ideas with them on how to do go about doing that. So began the birth of …… Since it’s inception in 20… the youth have worked together to

Building houses
With such prevalent needs within these communities, one of the most critical is housing. Without any means of provision many of the most vulnerable within these communities suffer greatly. Many widows and orphans remain with decapitated houses, inviting the cold, rain, and uninvited guests and some even threaten inevitable collapse. Through the generosity of many partners we have been able to build 27 homes for families in dire need.


Donating bicycles
During one of AMIC’s mission visits they were deeply touched by the needs of local Pastors in Kenya. Many of these leaders foot for miles as the share the Good News. For most it is a big sacrifice being separated from their families for prolonged periods of time. AMIC took up the challenge to help shorten these lengthy times apart and to assist with their transportation needs by purchasing bicycles. Through their generosity 29 Pastor’s received brand new bikes that were donated.